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Wild DiceDeveloped by tinyBuild, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a simulation game that is now available on mobile in both the Play Store and App Store. It can be downloaded and played free-of-charge. However, in-game purchases are hard to resist as you proceed in this game further.Can Totally Reliable Delivery Service be played online?Totally Reliable Delivery Service offers two gameplay modes—single campaign and online multiplayer. The online multiplayer mode enables you to play the game along with three of your friends. It will test your teamwork as once you enter the online client-server, a worldwide delivery race competition against actual team players awaits you.In this interactive sandbox world, you will play as an extremely busy delivery service personnel. Your major goal every day is to deliver as many packages as possible. The intense challenge lies in properly locating each address and delivering packages as quickly as you can. Bear in mind that most of the tasks here are time-sensitive.It is essential to master your map skills as it will be the key to carry out all the orders efficiently. The visuals in this game are well-defined, and all the elements are in 3D. The control system of this ragdoll-based mobile game, however, is intentionally designed to be rough. Thus, you should expect that even the simplest move will prove to be difficult to maneuver. The developer got its inspiration from QWOP and Surgeon Simulator games. An off-the-wall delivery simulation experienceIf you’re one of the players who have a huge love for speed games and enjoys the thrill of beating set time and opponents, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is exactly what you are looking for. You shouldn’t miss out playing the single campaign and online multiplayer mode—either of these two offers an unconventional delivery race game experience. Although, practicing and familiarizing yourself with the game’s control system will take some time as it is intentionally crafted to be rough add more spice to the game.

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